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I was 7 ½ when my visa was stamped on 26 July 1939.
There were almost 10,000 children like me, who came to the United Kingdom before World War II began. Some of us were babies; most of us were Jewish. We were each given a place on a Kindertransport out of Nazi Europe. After the War, some of us were reunited with our families. Sadly, many of us were not, and we either stayed in our new countries, where we grew up, or went to live in different countries, all over the world.

Dorrith Sim’s autobiographical story and our unique creative art project, suitable for 8 to 12 year old upper primary school children, was successfully launched around Australia this March. Free mini pocket books are funded by the German Embassy in Canberra, and the Eric Samson Fund in Cape Town.

The project speaks to the current situation of refugees and displaced children around the world.

This simple yet uplifting true story of rescue, survival and hope provides a springboard to the solemn topic of the Holocaust, usually studied in high school.

We provide detailed guidelines and resources on all aspects of the In My Pocket project, including suggested questions, and a video of the pocket making activity, and art workshop.

Each student who participates receives their own mini copy of In My Pocket which the WE ARE HERE! Foundation provides free of charge.


Please watch this short three minute video about Dorrith Sim.


Selected versions of the book

Besides our new and popular mini book, we now have a 10 x 7cm little book – which is cute!

On Request – email elirab@iinet.net.au

With Deborah Haase, educator, Susan Hodgins, Dorrith’s daughter at the Scottish Jewish Archives, Glasgow


With Susan Hodgins & David Sim, two of Dorrith Sim’s children

Short Video of workshop at WA Museum


Oppenheim Stolpersteine in Kassel Germany

Interview in Germany

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In Tel Aviv – Yafo Israel

Ingrida Vilkiene

Meeting in Krakes Lithuania
The Jewish Centre, Kassel Germany
Dianella Library, City of Stirling, Perth
Morley Library, City of Bayswater, Perth

The “In My Pocket” workshop was such a valuable experience not only for my children but for myself as well. The important education part mixed with the fun art aspect gives a fantastic balance to the harsh reality of the past. My children’s experience did not stop when we left the workshop but it was just the beginning. This lead to a conversation about the Holocaust on the way home. My 9 year old’s inquisitive mind knew some information but this discussion allowed him to connect the past information and absorb new information as well. Thank you so much to all the volunteers for making this a truly wonderful experience! Candy A.

Morley Library, City of Bayswater, Perth
Volkmarsen Germany

Australian Jewish News

15 June 23

WA Museum Boola Bardip 17 June

The West Australian newspaper
The West Australian newspaper


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Terry Boyd Jew-ish Freo

Educational activities at Boola Bardip, with Eli and Jill Rabinowitz, using this book, In My Pocket, as a resource. The author, Dorrith Sim, was a distant cousin of my mother, born in Kassel, Germany, where many of my German ancestors lived. My 14 year old granddaughter joined me for this workshop and learned new things about her family and the treatment of refugees. The kindness of strangers is at the heart of this book.

Although this book is an autobiographical account of the Kinder-transport of the late 1930s, it has relevance to refugees around the world. The challenges and experiences that they face are with us, here and now.

Thank you to Brenda Austin and the many others who helped with this project.

Terry Boyd and her granddaughter Eloise


Jill Rabinowitz, Professor Konrad Kwiet, Eli Rabinowitz and Professor Lynne Cohen

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Eli Rabinowitz CEO, Jill Rabinowitz, retired English teacher, Professor Lynne Cohen AM, former VC of ECU – Edith Cowan University. and our primary school art teacher is Tamar Pachter. 

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