Read an uplifting true story and watch a video about a young girl forced to flee her homeland.

Talk about the story. Although these events took place over eighty years ago, from the historical perspective the parallels afford children a new perspective of the current situation of child refugees and those displaced from overseas.

Talk about our multicultural community and how diverse our backgrounds are.

Encourage children to be inspired to make a difference in their communities by giving them confidence to stand up for what is right in the face of playground bullying and exclusions.

Participate in an exciting and creative arts & crafts workshop.

Take home your art piece and your own mini copy of In My Pocket.

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Dorrith’s Story


Big Book
Your team: Eli Rabinowitz, Tamar Pachter, Prof Lynne Cohen, Jill Rabinowitz


Eli Rabinowitz 

Professor Lynne Cohen 

Tamar Pachter

Jill Rabinowitz

Julia Drinnenberg, The Stadtmuseum, Hofgeismar Germany

Harvey Kaplan & Deborah Haas, Jewish Archives, Glasgow Scotland

Dr Hannah Holtschneider, The University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Dorrith Oppenheim Sim’s children, Scotland

Contact Eli Rabinowitz  eli@elirab.au for more information on how to run the workshop at your school, community, library, museum, or any venue!