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What: Admission card for Dorrith M. Oppenheim (Sim), who came to Scotland on the Kindertransport in 1939.

When: 1939

The story: Dorrith, aged 7, was one of 10,000 unaccompanied children from Nazi Germany and Austria admitted to Britain in 1938-1939 under the Kindertransport scheme.  It is estimated that around 800 of these children came to Scotland, where they were fostered by families around the country or accommodated in refugee hostels.

Harvey L Kaplan MA, Director with Ruth and Libby, two of Dorrith’s daughters

For further research about Dorrith Oppenheim (Sim), the Scottish Jewish Archives Centre ( ) has an extensive collection of thousands of documents, letters, photographs, papers, books and artefacts relating to Dorrith and her family dating back to 1789.  Access to records about Jewish refugees who came to Scotland before, during and after the Second World War is provided through the Archives Centre and the Scottish Holocaust-era Study Centre. 

Scottish Jewish Archives Centre
With Deborah Haase, educator and Susan Hodgins, Dorrith Sim’s daughter
With Harvey Kaplan, Director, Scottish Jewish Archives and Susan Hodgins, Dorrith’s daughter